Images for a Lifetime

What I am up to

Here you will find some of the projects that I have been working on.

Jan 13

An Afternoon with Julie

I hosted a workshop this month at Tempe Studio with one of my favorite models Julie Ernes. Ms. Julie never fails to bring her A game. Here are some of the images that I took along with one of Julie and me taken by Tom Vincent. If you ever get a chance to work with her DO IT.

Dec 12


This was produced as one of my 52 weeks project. The theme was low light high ISO. This was shot with 61 candles and a LED flashlight at 4000 ISO. The flashlight had a CTO filter on it but it fell off in this frame. I liked the result so I kept it.

Nov 04


I have this one model that comes in to the studio and the first thing she does usually is verbally poke at me, usually something about my height. It’s all done in fun and I don’t mind and will poke back at her in a similar way. I always tell her uncle that I feel sorry for him you have your hands full with that one. He shakes his head and says I know.

Oct 22

Painting Party

What happens when you get a bunch of photographers and models together to help out a friend paint her place? This.

Aug 13

Ashlee McKenna

Ashlee’s mom, Sherry, is a designer that I work with from time to time, Sherry wanted me to take some images of her daughter in some of her designs, so we did. I was happy with the results.

Aug 02

Shannie Shortcake

Shannie came over to help me with my 52 Project. The theme for this week was parallel lines. I had Shannie sit in front of the blinds while I shot a light through the window creating the parallel shadows. Thanks Shannie

Aug 01

Laura New Myers

I had the privilege to work with Laura New Myers this month. I had her in the studio 5 years ago and was able to capture some phenomenal images of her posing in midair with a yard of satin material. So when she announced a trio to Phoenix I jumped at the chance. Laura is not your typical model she looks at herself as a performance artist. As you can see from these images she is what she says she is. I look forward to the next time I get to work with this talented artist.

Jul 05


Sara called me and said she had a designer that she wanted to work with and asked if I was interested. Well that is not an opportunity that you pass up. She introduced me to Sherry at Sherry J Designs and here is a sample of what we did. BTW I love the cape.

Jun 03


Kyrs came to the studio for one of the meet & greets so I grabbed her and shot a few frames and told a few jokes. It is always fun to make the models break character in the middle of a shoot.

May 06

Lady Luck

I had Tani Ewing come by the studio and help me out with a small project. The image is called Lady Luck is a Redhead. I think she did it well don’t you.

Apr 01

I See You

Once in a while you meet a person that is just fun to be around. Amber is one of these people. It’s kind of hard to tell but this image was taken in a junk yard on the back of an old derelict school bus filled with a bunch of stuff. I don’t see any of that when I look at this, all I see is her mesmerizing eyes.

Mar 14

My 52 Project

In January I started a project with a group of photographers called a 52. It’s a new image each week on a different theme. The image must be shot edited and posted within the weeks’ time frame. I started out following closely to what you would think of with each theme, bird was a sand piper, a tree in a courtyard for HDR and sphere was a basketball and so on. I thought that I need to put my own spin on this project so I did. I started posting Images of models that would represent the different themes. Here are some of the images I have so far. Enjoy

Mar 01

Twisted in a Good Way

I made a new friend today, Ms. Tani Ewing. She came by the studio to help me with a small project I am working on. It is a 52 project, one new image a week based on a word or phrase. Tani word was GREEN so we put her in a green dress and posed her on the staircase between the green buildings with a Paloverde tree in the background. In return I supplied her with some images that she wanted for her web site. She twisted her body into positions that made me cry just looking at her. Then she kind of exploded flipping her hair and skirt tail so they would fly in to the air. As you can see it made for some dynamic images. Thank You Tani

Feb 10

Old Cameras & Friends

I was given a box of old cameras by my father-in-law. I thought this was such a treasure that it had to be shared. I called up a friend to come over and play with my new to me toys. She brought some clothing and a great attitude and we played for a couple of hours and this is the result.

Feb 04

Meet & Greet

This month we had a pregnant model and her husbang join us in the studio. I jumped in and grabbed a few frames before she got tired.

Jan 28

Junk Yard

Once a year a group of about 400 people descend on a wrecking yard in a small town outside of Phoenix. It is billed as a place where photographers, models makeup artists and other creatives can go and create something unusual, to let their creativity just run wild. What it is to me is a place where I can go an meet and work with lot of friends that are very creative without someone saying “what were you thinking?” Where else can you find someone dressed in steampunk with purple hair and a fire breather in the same location?

Jan 07

Meet & Greet

These are some of the images I took during our monthly Meet & Greet. It's kind of networking event with several photoshoots going on at the same time. It can best be described as controlled kaos.

Jan 02

Dancing in the Dark

This is a concept that I wanted to try. It took a bit of logistics to pull off with a dash of tech to keep it interesting. Next time I try this I will have to bring light to work with. Kind of hard to focus the camera in the dark.

Dec 03

Intimate Moments

We sponsored an art nude workshop for photographers at Tempe Studio with Tom and Julie. All I can say is this was a great workshop.
Nov 05


Rainet is a runway model that comes by the studio from time to time. I had her do a few simple poses for me and this is one of my favorites.
Oct 23

Lamborghini Gallardo

I went to a small showing of some pretty serious sports cars. They had a Mustang as well as a hand full of Corvettes a Harley Davidson and the stunning Lamborghini Gallardo. The room was a bit tight for photography so I made do with what I had. I kind of like the way it came out.
Oct 02

Meet & Greet

This month at the Meet & Greet we had a ballerina, Olive show up as well as Yanellis and Brittani as well as 3 others that I didn’t get a chance to shoot with. I try to limit the time I spend with the models to about 10 min each so other photographer get a chance to work with them. You should come out and see for yourself what it is like.
Sep 21

Ping Pong

Have you ever had an idea that seems a bit too far out in left field, but you still wanted to do it? Well this is my version of left field. It started when I saw an image of Captain Kangaroo; this got me thinking about the kids show from my youth and the antics of Mr. Moose. For those of you that don’t have an idea what I am talking about, Mr. Moose was a moose puppet that would always pour ping pong ball on the captain’s head. I remembered a staircase at a friend’s studio that would make a great location for this, so after getting him on board we set a date and I ordered 1300 ping pong balls. I contacted the model Mar D Caos, I thought this would be right up her alley. It took approximately one hour to set up the shoot, dump the ping pong balls 4 times and clean up.

Aug 06

Meet & Greet

On the first Saturday of each month we open the studio for photographer’s models makeup artists and designers to come and talk to others in related fields. We hope that the people attending will exchange ideas and work together on different projects. These are some of the models that came to our August event.
July 25

No Color

With all of the tension in the country today a small group of people came together to celebrate the differences that make each one of us special. The event was called No Color.
Jun 25

The Gift

I had an opportunity to go return a gift to my niece Megan and her husband Josh. They allowed me to photograph their wedding. I don’t get to see her often but she gave me a very special gift a few years back that she never knew about. She rekindled my interest in photography, reminding me what I loved about the art and craft of photography. It wasn’t long after our visit that I purchased my first DSLR and started to remember all of the things that I had forgotten all those years ago. Thank you for your gift.
May 09

Mother Maternity

I waited for the best time to photograph Melissa on her pregnancy. I chose the end of the second trimester and beginning of the third. This in my opinion is the best time for maternity shoots.

Apr 03


I had an opportunity to work with Mary again. This time she wanted some shots of her in the desert to send to family back east in with her ASU graduation announcements. We spent about an hour in the White Tanks park shooting in the morning before it got too hot.
Mar 23


I have a friend that likes to play dress up, kind of. She goes to little girls homes and pretends to be different literary characters for birthdays and other special events. She came over to the studio dressed as Alice and we had a small tea party. These are the images from our little party.
Mar 12


I got a chance to work with a mode named Elly at a turn of the century factory that has been converted to and art space. I could have shot in this location for hours with Emmy but we only had a short time before she had to go. We decided to do something a bit on the sweet side of provocative as you can see of the doorway shot. Then we went inside for some natural light tease.
Mar 01

Doodling Around

I was looking at an image the other day that was part photo and part drawing. I thought this was interesting so I thought I would give it a try. I made a photo of my hand with a pencil then took an image from one of our meet & greets of Kayla and came up with this.

Feb 20


About a year age I helped a friend wita a concept that she had. I was able to take some images but I was not allownd to display any of the images for about a year. Well now I can share the images so here you go, enjoy.
Feb 18

Regal Red

I went ot a creative group meeting and watched a demonstration preformed by Dave Kelley. He is a very interesting man and i would recommend taking one of his classes. Dave brought Taylor with him as his model for the demonstration. At the end we were allowed ot take some images of Taylor. I would love to have some time with Taylor in my studio.

Feb 10

Julie Paper Tiger

We hold photoshoots in the studio where we hire a model to come in and let other photographers work with the model and the studio equipment. I had Miss Julie Ernes come in and be our featured model for February. She has a cover for Maxim and Iron Horse in her portfolio as well as being published in many other print magazines. At the end of the day I set up the background paper so Julie could rip through the paper and I would photograph her as she did it. The whole shoot lasted about 1 minute and I got 10 great images from it. Here are 3 that are representitive of the session.
Jan 16

In a Womans Eyes

This last weekend I went to a creative even unlike any that I attend all year. It is held in a Junk Yard and it attacks a large number of photographers, models and makeup artists. The photographers can be seen carrying everything from a single camera and lens to two gun shoulder rigs to carts piled 3 ft. high with gear. You have models dressed in just about anything you can think of from southern bells in hoop skirts to post-apocalyptic garb to chainmail to graphic novel costumes. I got to shoot with Two Face, Harvey Dent from Batman, thanks Cheryl. I got to meet quite a lot of people that I know, met some that I know in passing, some that I know only by their watermark and some new people that I want to meet again. I was able to work with some of the models and took some great images. Two images I took have a commonality about them even though the subjects are quite different they share the same quality.
Jan 02

Kayla in the Rose Chair

The first Saturday of the month we have a meet & greet at the studio. We have models, photographers and MUA’s come in and show their work, talk about upcoming projects and hopefully book shoots with each other. We setup a few areas for the photographers and models to do short test sessions. This month I got to shoot with my friend Kayla in a rose colored chair.
Dec 13

Lauren by the Lake

I had agreed to help my friend Paul with his first real Fashion shoot. He has been shooting runway in the pit for a while so he knew a designer, Breazy Skoon from Lousy Rich. She agreed to the use some of her gowns, I booked Lauren Roberts as one of the models. Since I was only there for support I found it hard to not grab my gear and start shooting. But after a bit Paul was busy shooting the other model I grabbed Lauren and ran outside and shot about 10 frames and this is one of them.

Nov 07

James not Bond

On the first Saturday of the month we have a meet & greet at the studio for photographers, models and makeup artists. This month we had James show up in a tux. I couldn’t help myself the first thing that came to mind was James Bond but not exactly. I had James pose in a few positions when I decided to make this both strong and soft at the same time. I took one image that shows James as he likes to be shown and then another one more relaxed. I was pleased with the results and so was James.
Nov 2

The Test

I had Kaila come by the studio and help me with a concept I had in mind. I wanted it to be simple, modern and vintage all at the same time. It had to be elegant but also comfortable. I think she pulled it off, don’t you.

Sep 23

The Fountain

Once a month or so a group of photographers, models & MUA's get together and collaborate on a theme or an idea. This month the object was to create an image that had a European feel. I teamed up with model: Ms. Purrversia Riot, Makeup: Toy Taylor, Hair by: Moni Monique Barret, Airbrush (lace look) by: Brandy Wise. When I see this image I see a Spanish lady in the plaza waiting for….

Sep 5

In Thought

We have a monthly Meet & Greet at Tempe Studio that I host every month. I look forward to this because I get to talk to some old friends and meet new ones. I get to help people that are unsure about using the studio lights. I enjoy these events immensely even though I rarely get to take any photos. On this occasion I was able to steel a few minutes and shot this image of James deep in thought.

Aug 17

The Mask

Faith came by the studio and we decided to play dress up with some of the goodies in the studio prop closet. I think the mask is just a bit too big for her slight build but we had a fun time any way.

Aug 15

The Archer

The Archer a dark and ominous figure that roams the night fighting evil where ever it may be. Too many graphic novels, maybe, an afternoon playing super heroes with my grandson was well worth the time. I wanted to make this session look like a strong and fearless graphic novel character. I am pleased with the result.

July 26


Sometimes the things that look so appealing can be very dangerous.

July 11

Tiny Dancer

This week I had the pleasure of photographing members of a dancer’s troupe. I put them through their paces with 3 different costume changes. They were very professional while on set and didn’t seem to mind me asking them to do their moves over and over.

July 04

Happy independence day

Have a happy and SAFE independence day.

June 30

Beyond the body

The other night I was helping a friend work on a project that is very important to her called Beyond the Body. I helped with the lighting and set prep. It was a very intense session with emotions running high. I was able to take this shot during a lull in the action.

Jun 28

Miss Nikee Lynn

Miss Nikee came by the studio and tried on my hat. I think she looks rather fetching in it.
Jun 20

Paint Splatter

This is what you can do with a gallon of red paint a paint brush a squirt gun and a couple of willing model.

Art Nudes with Males

This was my first time shooting art nudes with males. At first I was a bit uncomfortable but after a few minutes they became just another subject. I was pleased with the final images and look forward to next time.
May 01

New Beginnings

There comes time for change and that time is now, at least for the website. Welcome to the new site. When you look around you will find a number of improvements over the old site like the responsiveness of the site to tablets and phones. This should make things easier for the clients that live on their phone.

I have created 2 galleries to showcase the types of images I create. I also have a blog so you can see what my latest endeavors are and a countdown page for the open house held at Tempe studio the first Saturday of every month.

Some of the things to come are a client proofing portal, a FAQ, and an improved method for downloading your digital images.

Thank You

Jim Johnson